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Qingdao Tianxiang Food Group Xiyan Vegetable Oil Co., Ltd

Laoshan North, Dazeshan Pong, Qingdao Pingdu, known as "Qilu granary, oil market," the reputation, in order to local resources advantages into economic advantages, the formation of economies of scale, in recent years Qingdao Tianxiang Food Group hi Yan vegetable oil Co., Ltd. has been built or expanded: peanut grading workshop, peanut oil press, refinery and storage of peanuts 100,000 tons of constant temperature library, peanut oil 17,000 tons of storage tanks, peanut processing in the field formed a set of peanuts acquisition, storage , Processing, trade integration of the industrial chain. The company's production of hi peanut oil market since the market share of the rapid expansion of the sales network has now covered the province of Shandong, in Guangdong, Guangxi, Shenzhen, Hebei, Beijing and other places to establish a sales organization.
Hi Yan peanut oil in adhering to the traditional physical compression process, the innovation of the "quick freeze condensate incense" special process, to ensure that hi Yan peanut oil fragrance overflowing, authentic quality. With the first-class product quality, hi Yan brand series of peanut oil has been the Provincial Technical Supervision and the Provincial Trade and Industry Bureau identified as "Shandong famous brand products", "Shandong famous brand", "Shandong Province, the top ten assured edible oil brand" Green Food Development Center identified as "green food", the Shandong Province Food Industry Association as "assured oil", for many years been rated as "Qingdao consumers satisfied with the product", "Qingdao City Food Safety Demonstration Brand", "Qingdao City Food Safety assured brand ", by the Qingdao Daily Newspaper Group named" Qingdao consumers most trusted food brand ", by the Peninsula City newspaper as" healthy food. "

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