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International grain traders manipulate soybean oil prices, peanut oil prices by
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In a rumors of price increases, the island's peanut oil prices in the near future changes, a number of brand prices have about 10% increase. Why is peanut oil prices in the end? What is the impact of rising oil prices on oil processing companies and farmers? Recently, the reporter went to the province of flower production and two peanut oil production enterprises were visited.
>>> farmer
Peanut prices to sell big gains
Shandong Laiyang is an important flower production in our province, Luhua Group's peanut oil processing workshop is located in the city's Jiang Tuan town. Jiang Tuan town has always been the tradition of planting peanuts, peanuts are here an important source of income for many farmers.
December 15, in the Luhua Group, a processing workshop, waiting for the sale of peanut vehicles lined up. In the waiting crowd, Jiang Tuan town farmer Wang Shuxian opened a Fukuda small truck, he told reporters: "Now the peanut purchase price per catty in three seven to three eight or so, the most expensive time last year is a Jin two nine, I pulled to 13000 pounds, hoping to sell a good price. "Wang Shuxian said that this year, peanuts did earn a lot more than last year.
Despite the increase in farmer income, hi Yan peanut oil marketing center, general manager of Huang Huolin, said: "Shandong peanuts per mu in the 500 pounds or so, to the current price calculation, planting acres of peanuts only less than 2,000 yuan of income, The income of the growers is not high compared to the input.
>>> reason
Price black hand from the "four grain business"
On the edible oil, including peanut oil prices, including Lang, including economists, including analysis, is the result of international food business manipulation. As the international "four grain traders" control of the major domestic grain and oil enterprises, and manipulated soybean oil and soybeans as the main raw material to adjust the oil prices, which led to peanut oil follow the trend of price increases.
For the analysis of the experts, on the afternoon of December 15th, a senior member of Luhua Group also said that the international grain traders control mainly soybean and soybean oil, the price of peanut oil is not directly affected by the international market, but the indirect impact and Bring the "butterfly effect" really can not be ignored.
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Peanut oil industry crisis?
Xihua peanut oil marketing center general manager Huang Huolin engaged in the industry for 11 years, in the face of this round of peanut oil prices, Huang Huolin feel more is helpless: "For our peanut oil production enterprises, the current price is already peanut oil High point, the price and then brought to this industry will be a crisis. "
"Before the Yangtze River in the upper reaches of the oil emphasis on rapeseed oil, but soybean oil has become the main local edible oil, which is a microcosm in the country.As the international grain merchants to very low cost to enter China, capture the high point of soybean oil , Now soybean oil and soybeans as the main material of the reconcile oil accounted for four percent of the national oil market. "Huang Huarin with" soybean oil fall "to describe the current situation.
"If peanut oil prices continue to rise, there will be one-third of people to choose low-priced soybean oil or blending oil, which the peanut oil market will cause much loss?" Huang Huolin said peanut oil companies face the crisis is not just lost Customer groups, once the loss of peanut oil users, will inevitably lead to peanut prices, which led to the loss of peanut farmers, so that the peanut oil industry will become no wood.
"Peanut oil and rapeseed oil is the dominant oil species in China, due to the loss of control of soybean oil, we have lost the right to speak in soybean oil and rapeseed oil, and can not let the peanut oil industry fall again." Huang Huolin proposed: The introduction of industry support policies to maintain the healthy development of the traditional Chinese oil peanut oil.
China's edible oil brand by the international food business control
On the recent domestic soybean oil rose, the reasons for the producer was the main producing areas of imported soybeans South America suffered a drought this year, the international soybean prices and led the domestic soybean prices. In this regard, the experts said that although the South American soybean in the cut, the world's total output of soybeans is growing, the essence of soybean oil prices is the "four grain business" manipulation. At present, the global grain marketing is ADM, Bunge, Cargill, and Louis Vodafone four multinational companies, known as the "four grain business", and China's major edible oil brand Arowana, Fulinmen, Luhua or Four of the grain merchants, or by its holding. With the larger share of the market of Arowana, Fulin door and other brands rose, other small companies have also increased prices of edible oil.
■ market reaction
Peanut oil prices have not seen buying tide
Island city people calmly deal with price increases psychological maturity is the main reason
Edible oil prices have become a hot topic in the near future. December 15 morning, the reporter saw a number of large supermarkets in the island to Hu Ji flowers, Luhua, hi Yan and other brands as the representative of the price of peanut oil has been mobilized. Huji flower 5 liters of fragrant peanut oil prices generally 85.5 yuan / barrel, Luhua 5 liters loaded fragrant peanut oil price of 89.9 yuan / barrel, hi Yan 5 liters loaded fragrant peanut oil price of 85.5 yuan / barrel, or mostly At about 10%. According to sales staff, from November 20, the island city shopping malls have gradually adjusted the price of peanut oil.
"This is more expensive than I bought in October when nearly 10 dollars." In Ningxia Road, RT-Mart supermarket, the public Ms. Wang to persuade friends to buy things, "the home of the oil is not, do not buy also have to buy ah. But also quickly buy it, but two days and then up to do? "Although Ms. Wang kept" mobilization ", with her neighbors or not to buy. "Home oil has not run out, and so wait, maybe a few days also fell." Ms. Zhang think so.
And Ms. Zhang hold the same idea of a few people, reporters in the business interview, were not found "buy up the wind" of the trace. "Near the end of the year, we all feel that manufacturers or businesses will be promoted, will not let prices remain high." Lee to the park supermarket manager Wang Jingli that is not "buy up the wind," the main reason is the growing consumer psychology mature. "Before the price increases, we often see a salesperson carrying four or four barrels of peanut oil payment phenomenon, and now a customer to buy two barrels of peanut oil are rare.We are accustomed to the price fluctuations, learned to 'follow the market', according to Their actual needs rather than the price to choose to buy or not to buy.
Analysis of the industry, in addition to the city, the residents of the township focus on family reunion, hoarding food in the Mid-Autumn Festival, and now many families have not finished, so will not focus on the purchase.
This article from the "China Cereals and Oils Information Network"
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